DocCross Asia


DocCross Asiaについて

DocCross Asia
by the Japan Foundation Asia Center
DocCross Asia offers new opportunities for collaboration between filmmakers from Southeast Asia and broadcasters in Japan to create documentaries under a common theme: multiculturalism in Japan. We believe the entire process of making films together will deepen cultural exchange and help us discover new perspectives on our cultures. By screening and promoting the completed work throughout Japan and the rest of the world, we will convey the power of collaborative documentary making and lead to a deeper understanding of our diverse, multi-faceted world.
DocCross Asiaは、日本の地方放送局と東南アジアのフィルムメーカーが協働し、ドキュメンタリー作品を創る国際交流プロジェクトです。取り上げるテーマは、「日本における多文化共生」。国や文化の異なる制作者が共に企画を磨き、刺激し合いながら作品を完成させていく過程で、お互いの視線を交差させ、「新たな視点」を発見していくことを目指します。また、完成した作品を国内外に発信することで、協働から生まれるドキュメンタリーの力を伝えるとともに、多文化共生社会への更なる理解に繋げます。

The Challenge


Filmmakers and other creatives are accustomed to operating in a world seemingly without borders. But the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a time of significant social and personal challenge, imposing new limits on all our actions. Events around the globe have also made it clear that our prior notions of interconnectedness and diversity have often masked the discrimination and exclusion that lurk in every corner of society. In this time of uncertainty, what should we create and how should we go about it?
DocCross Asiaは、日本の地方放送局と東南アジアのフィルムメーカーが協働し、ドキュメンタリー作品を創る国際交流プロジェクトです。取り上げるテーマは、「日本における多文化共生」。国や文化の異なる制作者が共に企画を磨き、刺激し合いながら作品を完成させていく過程で、お互いの視線を交差させ、「新たな視点」を発見していくことを目指します。また、完成した作品を国内外に発信することで、協働から生まれるドキュメンタリーの力を伝えるとともに、多文化共生社会への更なる理解に繋げます。

Our Response


An innovative and collaborative exchange between filmmakers from different backgrounds and perspectives. Because we believe that exploring other cultures nurtures fresh insights and awareness. It encourages us to be humble and respectful toward others. It is key to encouraging resilience and social progress. Above all, it brings diverse talents together to stimulate creativity.
多様であることは、創造的であること。DocCross Asiaは、映像制作に関わる一人ひとりが「多文化共生社会」を意識し、協働するための新たなプラットフォームを提案します。

Connecting Southeast Asian filmmakers
with Japanese local broadcasters and Discovering new perspectives


The documentaries made by the DocCross Asia teams will be set in communities in Japan outside the capital, Tokyo. As the number of foreign residents in Japan continues to increase year by year, efforts to promote multiculturalism are underway all over the country. Through international co-production, we will depict the life of foreigners residing in local communities, and their efforts to overcome the barriers of race and language, from the perspectives of people from both Japan and Southeast Asia.

Japanese broadcasters rooted in local markets are the ones who are best able to portray their communities in a vivid and timely manner. DocCross Asia will offer them a unique opportunity to cultivate a multifaceted perspective and expand their potential as creators. Their work will not only help promote multiculturalism but will also help disseminate their unique regional culture.
DocCross Asia will also offer them the opportunity to participate in film festivals, screening events and workshops in Southeast Asia. These experiences will help raise their awareness of their connections with the world and develop a broader perspective on social issues.

DocCross Asia is also a valuable opportunity for Southeast Asian creators to get to know Japan.
Listening to the voices of ordinary people and depicting the life of their compatriots will lead to a better understanding of the issues underpinning Japanese society. Interaction with Japanese creators can also help them understand issues in their own country, leading them to new ideas and themes.
Through film festivals, screening events and workshops in Japan and Southeast Asia, they will have the opportunity to talk and share in person the new perspectives they have gained.
We call for all talented Southeast Asian filmmakers who value the power of working cooperatively to join us on this new adventure!


DocCross Asiaにおけるドキュメンタリーの舞台は、こうした地域のコミュニティ。人種や言葉の壁を乗り越え、それぞれの地域で生きる外国人の姿を、国際共同制作を通じ、日本と東南アジア双方の視点で描きます。

地域の「多文化共生」を最もビビッドに、そしてタイムリーに描くことができるのは、その地域に根を下ろし、取材を重ねる地方放送局の制作者です。彼らにとって、DocCross Asiaによる国際共同制作への挑戦は、多角的な視点を養い、表現者としての可能性を広げるまたとないチャンスです。東南アジアのフィルムメーカーとの協働から生まれた作品は多文化共生を推し進める一助となると共に、地域発の新たな文化発信としても注目されることでしょう。
またDocCross Asiaでは、作品制作後、東南アジア各国で開催される映画祭や上映会、ワークショップへの参加を企画。

DocCross Asiaは、東南アジアのフィルムメーカーが日本を知る貴重な機会ともなります。日本の地方に暮らす市井の人々の声を聞き、同胞の喜びや努力の背景を探ることは、多文化共生を巡る日本特有の問題への理解につながります。また、日本の制作者との活発なやりとりを通して、日本に住むアジア人の「今」だけでなく、自国の「今」を見つめるきっかけにもなり、思いがけないテーマや課題の発見につながるかもしれません。