DocCross Asia



One-on-one matching meetings



DocCross Asia Team staff and members of the Japan Foundation also took part.

One-one-one online meetings were held from November 30 to December 14, 2020 to select production partners.


Meeting Request Launch

On November 25, 2020 the search for partners began. Filmmakers and broadcasters who were interested in working with one another were able to exchange requests for meetings.

Communicating through the Chat Room

Participants can log in to the DocCross Asia website and click the "Meeting Request" button on the project details page to submit their request. They can also communicate directly with one another using the Chat Room.
The Chat Room can also be used to set and adjust initial meeting dates as well as follow up meetings.

「Meeting Request」の受付スタート

東南アジアのフィルムメーカーから放送局への「Meeting Request」の受付を11月25日よりスタート。日本側放送局と東南アジアのフィルムメーカーとのパートナー探しです。


DocCross Asiaサイトにログインし、企画提案の詳細ページにある「Meeting Request」ボタンを押すことでリクエスト送信完了です。


Chat Room Screen

Meeting schedule

The schedule for one-on-one meetings was adjusted based on meeting requests between November 30 to December 14. Each online meeting lasted an hour.


11月30日から12月14日までのOne-on-oneミーティングをのタイムテーブルです。 フィルムメーカーから寄せられた「Meeting Request」を元に、放送局側との予定を調整しタイムテーブルを作成しました。 1回のミーティング実施時間は1時間。オンラインで行います。

One-on-one Meetings

Broadcaster A Broadcaster B Broadcaster C Broadcaster D
Nov. 30 Philippines A Philippines B
Philippines C
Philippines D
Dec. 1 Myanmar A Philippines E
Indonesia A Philippines F
Philippines G
Dec. 2 Vietnam A Philippines H
Philippines I
Dec. 3 Indonesia B Indonesia E
Indonesia C
Indonesia D
Dec. 4 Indonesia F Indonesia G Philippines J Philippines K
Indonesia H Myanmar B Indonesia I
Dec. 7 Philippines L
Dec. 8 Vietnam B
Dec. 14 Myanmar C

Meeting Results

In response to requests from filmmakers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, one-on-one meetings with the four broadcasters were held. DocCross Asia Team staff also participated in the meetings. Different perspectives and unexpected ideas were suggested by filmmakers, making for stimulating encounters that differed from the kinds of proposal meetings that Japanese broadcasters normally experience.


フィリピン、インドネシア、ミャンマー、ベトナムのフィルムメーカーからのリクエストにより放送局4社とのOne-on-oneミーティングが実施されました。 フィルムメーカーと放送局とのミーティングに事務局スタッフも出席。フィルムメーカーから新たな切り口を提案されたり、思いも掛けないアイディアが飛び出すなど、日本人同士で行う提案会議とは一味違う刺激的な話し合いが連日続きました。