DocCross Asia



Production started



The teams were in place and production has finally begun. However, after the start of the New Year, the COVID-19 situation continued to worsen. Plans to film in Japan were abandoned due to severe restrictions on international travel. Despite these difficulties, the teams continued to meet online and discuss what they could do in their own countries to keep the productions on track.


Philippines × Goolight Co.,Ltd.

In his country, the Phillippines, Kristoffer Brugada researched the lives of Filipino nurses who had a deep connection to Japan. Director Church from Goolight, a Japanese broadcaster, also conducted interviews at nursing care facilities in Nagano Prefecture.

フィリピン × Goolight

フィリピンのフィルムメーカー、Kristoffer Brugadaさんは、日本との関わりが深いフィリピン人看護師を現地でリサーチ。日本側パートナーであるGoolightのチャーチディレクターも長野県内の介護施設の取材を継続中です。

Vietnam × Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd.

After production was underway, the Vietnamese boy who was the project's main character started to avoid interviews. Interviewing his parents also became difficult.
Despite repeated discussions, the boy's consent could not be obtained: suddenly, a new main character had to be found. The team decided to re-configure the program to feature a Vietnamese woman working at the night school the boy attends as the main character.
Nguyen Nhat Duy, the filmmaker in Vietnam, took immediate steps to determine what kinds of activities would be possible on the Vietnam side.

ベトナム × 名古屋テレビ

ベトナムのフィルムメーカー、Nguyen Nhat Duyさんも状況を理解し、早速、ベトナム側でどのような取材ができるか話し合われました。

Myanmar × Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Sein Lyan Tun, the filmmaker from Myamar, suddenly cancelled a scheduled meeting at the last minute. The Myanmar army had declared a state of emergency and a coup was underway. The situation worsened by the day and communication was cut off several days later. As a result, contacting Sein proved difficult. What will come of the joint production? All the project staff members including those at Chukyo TV Broadcasting are breathlessly monitoring developments in the hopes that peace will return to Myanmar soon and production can resume.

ミャンマー × 中京テレビ

ミャンマーのフィルムメーカー、Sein Lyan Tunさんからは、予定していた打ち合わせの直前に突然キャンセルの連絡が。実はまさにその時、ミャンマーでは国軍が非常事態を宣言し、事実上のクーデターが進行中だったのです。その後、事態は日に日に悪化、数日後には通信手段も遮断され、Seinさんと連絡をとることも難しくなりました。共同制作の行方はいかに…。ミャンマーに一日にも早く平和な日々が戻り制作を再開できるよう、中京テレビの皆さんを始めプロジェクトスタッフ一同、固唾を呑んで動向をみつめています。