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Filming started in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic



Filming in the Philippines Started

Filming has started in the Philippines. But the new coronavirus has been raging in the region since February last year, and by mid-March of this year, the number of newly infected people had reached 8,000 per day. The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), which supports the development of the film industry in the country, has set strict guidelines for filming during the pandemic, and Kristoffer Brugada's film crew was required to be cautious about the worsening situation. To ensure the safety of the production, all the crew members first underwent PCR testing before going on location.

They also brought protective gear such as face masks, face shields, alcohol wipes, and disinfectant sprays. Aside from disinfecting the equipment, they also disinfected themselves with alcohol and disinfectant spray before and after entering the subject’s house. The crew also maintained distance when filming and communicating with the subjects to ensure everyone’s safety.

しかし現地では、今年2月以降、新型コロナウィルスが猛威を振るい、3月半ばには新規感染者数が1日8,000人に迫る状況となっています。映画産業の発展を支える「フィリピン映画開発評議会」(FDCP)はコロナ禍での撮影について厳しいガイドラインを設けており、Kristoffer Brugadaさんの撮影クルーも様々な対策を強いられました。


Film crew wearing protective gear

Since they are documenting the lives of Filipino nurses, they were required to wear protective gear while shooting inside the hospital. One of the subjects works inside the COVID ward, and the crew was able to take footage inside using a GoPro. The camera was immediately disinfected right after the shoot. In addition, an Occupational Safety and Health Officer was present at all times to make sure that the filming was being carried out safely, a completely different scene from a normal filming.

特に気を遣ったのが、病院での撮影です。スタッフ全員が防護服を身につけ、取材相手が勤めるコロナ病棟に入る際は、扱いやすい手のひらサイズのカメラ(GoPro)を使用。そして4日間のロケの間、安全基準が守られているかをチェックする「労働安全衛生監督官」(Occupational Safety and Health Officer)が常時立会うなど、コロナ前には考えられない物々しい雰囲気の中での撮影となりました。

Filming in a hospital

As the number of infected people continue to rise, the next filming was postponed until end of April.
No one can imagine what the situation will be like in a month’s time, but we can only hope that the situation will be safer for both the production members and their interviewees.