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Vietnam Project: Filming Started



Filming at a market in Long Xuyen Village near Hanoi
ハノイ近郊Long Xuyen村の市場での撮影の様子

After choosing a new protagonist and revising the storyline, the crew in Vietnam started filming in late April.

Nguyen Nhat Duy and Phan Ý Linh want to offer a poetic depiction of the thoughts and feelings of a young Vietnamese woman, Hoa, and her family. Hoa is studying at a university in Japan.


新しい主人公は、日本の大学に留学中の女性、Hoaさん。フィルムメーカー、Nguyen Nhat DuyさんとPhan Ý Linhさんは、海を隔てた家族の想いを詩的に描きたいと考えています。

On this day, the Vietnamese crew visited Hoa’s family in a village near the capital city of Hanoi and followed her mother as she sold chicken at the market. They also interviewed Hoa’s younger sister, Yen, whose plans to study in Japan have been disrupted by the pandemic. The two women discussed their dreams and hopes for the future.



Filming at a market in Long Xuyen Village near Hanoi
ハノイ近郊Long Xuyen村の市場での撮影の様子

The crew will edit footage shot over two days into a digest version with key scenes and send it to Nagoya TV with English subtitles for reference. Then, the crew from Nagoya TV will film Hoa in Japan. After that, both crews will do a second round of shooting.

This co-production process is far more laborious and time-consuming than in standard productions, but the result will be much more stimulating and creative. We look forward to seeing how the mother-daughter scenes turn out and how they will inspire the segments filmed in Japan.