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Philippines project: Shooting ends, footage exchange begins

フィリピンでは撮影が終了 素材のやりとりが始まりました


Atsuko reviewing footage shot in the Philippines

Atsuko Church, director at Goolight in Nagano Prefecture, has started to review footage shot in the Philippines.

She will combine it with footage of the two Filipino caregivers - Lovely and Stella - already shot in the region to create the Japanese version of the documentary.



The footage from the Philippines was sent with English subtitles for reference

On a parallel track, Kristoffer Brugada will produce the international version using footage sent from Japan, combining it with video he’s shot in the Philippines. We are eager to see how each of them will edit the same material…one of the most exciting aspects of DocCross Asia.

The footage exchange all happens online. But uploading such large files, some exceeding several gigabytes, is a painstaking task. “Not only is the connection speed slow, but I also get disconnected sometimes" lamented Kristoffer, who worked tirelessly for days until late at night to upload the files.

これと並行して、フィリピンでも、Kristoffer Brugadaさんが日本から送られてきた映像を取り入れて「国際版」を編集。同じ映像を使って、それぞれどのように物語を紡いでいくのか、ここからがまさにこのプロジェクトの醍醐味です。


Kristoffer’s screencap. It can take several hours to upload…just one file

At that time, Kristoffer and his crew were under quarantine after their second shoot, a requirement for all people traveling between provinces in the Philippines. The crew had visited four cities in three provinces and interacted with many people. After a week, they were tested for COVID-19, and on the final day of the lengthy quarantine they learned the results ... negative for everyone!



All crew members were tested for COVID-19 at the end of their quarantine

Since March, the crew have had to adjust their schedule several times. Not only did they have to get permission to film from the interviewees, but they also needed authorization from the Film Development Council of the Philippines, the local Labor Department, the Tourism Department, and even the hotel where they stayed.


The crew wore PPEs and disinfected their equipment to ensure the safety of everyone

There is still a long way to go until the work is completed, but we are grateful to the entire crew for playing it safe.


Kristoffer Brugada’s crew shooting in Angeles, Pampanga
Pampanga州Angeles市にて Kristoffer Brugadaさんら笑顔のクルー