DocCross Asia



Filmmaking is “painful but fun!”



Hybrid lecture in Nagatsuka Yo’s class, with in-person and online participation

“It's really refreshing and stimulating to see footage filmed from different perspectives.”

Nagoya TV producer Fuminori Murase shared that sentiment during a special lecture for students at Meiji Gakuin University on June 24.

The lecture, entitled “Talking with the DocCross Asia international co-production team,” was made possible by Nagatsuka Yo, a documentary film director and lecturer in the Faculty of Letters, Department of Arts Studies, who teaches Documentaries as Media. Fuminori Murase, Nguyen Nhat Duy and Phan Ý Linh, who are working on the Vietnam project, spoke to a group of ten students about the delights - and hardships - of international co-production using footage shot in their respective countries.


こう語るのは名古屋テレビの村瀬史憲プロデューサー。6月24日、明治学院大学の学生向けに行われた特別講義「DocCross Asia国際共同制作チームとの語らい」での言葉です。

ドキュメンタリー監督で、同大学の文学部芸術学科でメディア表現としてのドキュメンタリーを教える長塚洋先生の呼びかけで実現したこの講義。10名の学生さんを前に、DocCross Asiaの企画を担当する村瀬さんと、ベトナム側のパートナーNguyen Nhat Duyさん、Phan Ý Linhさんが、それぞれの国で撮影した映像を見せながら国際共同制作の面白さや苦労について語ってくれました。

“What is interesting about DocCross Asia is the process of depicting one story from two different perspectives,” said Murase. “The biggest challenge is the language barrier. And one more thing. The quality of the footage from the Vietnamese side is so high that it’s making my cameraman and me nervous. In that sense, it's a challenge, but it's also been very stimulating.”

「DocCross Asiaでは、一つの事象を2つの主体で見ていく、そのプロセス自体が新鮮で面白い。苦労といえば、やはり言葉の問題です。あともう一つ。実はベトナム側の映像のクオリティがあまりに高く、私もカメラマンも焦っています。そういう意味で苦労しているというか、刺激になっています」と村瀬さんは言います。

Nagoya TV producer Fuminori Murase

Students in Nagatsuka’s seminar are busy working on their first semester assignments. They have four weeks left to produce a documentary, and are struggling with the structure, interviewing, and filming methods. Nagatsuka usually advises them that "filmmaking is painful and fun." Linh and Duy also advised them to take pleasure in the unexpected.

“Be flexible and willing to accept whatever happens. Have to change the script or the storyline? It doesn’t matter. Your happiness and your subject’s happiness are much more important than sticking to your original idea no matter what.”



Phan Ý Linh and Nguyen Nhat Duy
Phan Ý LinhさんとNguyen Nhat Duyさん

The Vietnam project team had already chosen a new protagonist and is thinking once again about changing the storyline. After the first round of shooting in April, they felt they could make the story stronger by switching the focus from the protagonist's sister, Yen, to her mother. (Project Update: Vietnam Project: Filming Started, April 2021)

“Documentaries are about teamwork and cooperation between the protagonists and the filmmaker. If you learn to communicate and work together then you can make something good.” says Linh.

Finally, Murase had some powerful words for students who are struggling with their assignment.

"No matter how hard it is, the joy you feel when the footage fits together will make you forget all the pain along the way. Believe in that and enjoy the entire process of filmmaking.”





Feedback from students


How did the filmmakers’ messages resonate with the students? Here’s some of their feedback:
DocCross Asiaの制作者の言葉は、学生さんにどのように響いたのでしょうか。 講義の後に届いた感想の一部をご紹介します。
  • “It was impressive to see how you can change the narratives just by changing the point of view.
  • “I learned that you don’t make documentaries alone, but as a team. I’m eager to see how the different footage will come together as one work.”
  • “I’ll try to be flexible AND consistent. My work is changing along with my interview approach and shooting plan. I’m starting to feel that documentaries are ‘alive’. I want to experience the ‘moment when everything just fits’.”
  • “It was interesting to see the communication between the filmmakers, how they stimulate each other. Their behind-the-scenes stories were valuable, something I would not have picked up on just by watching the finished product.”
We want to express our gratitude to Nagatsuka Yo for organizing the lecture and to all the students who have shown such a strong interest in filmmaking. Best of luck to you in all your future - painful but fun - endeavors!
講義を企画してくださった長塚先生、そして参加してくださった学生のみなさん、ご協力いただきありがとうございました。ドキュメンタリー制作という「苦楽しい」道のりを歩まれるみなさんをDocCross Asiaはこれからも応援します!