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Sunday Cinderella


26 min. Women Overseas Workers Hong Kong Philippines
© Voyage Studios / Documentary Japan
This video is not available from Dec. 27, 2021. / 2021年12月27日をもって動画配信は終了いたしました。

Hong Kong is home to 190,000 Filipino domestic helpers. On Sundays, they congregate in a square and reminisce about their families back home. A beauty contest like no other is held each June where they dress in their finest in the hopes of winning the crown. But what really lies in the hearts of these Filipino helpers? The film uses colorful images to portray the OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers), who have become a major social issue in the Philippines.

19万人のフィリピン人家事労働者が働く香港。日曜日になると、街の広場は休日を楽しむ彼女たちの姿であふれ返る。毎年6月に開催される美人コンテストに向けて、踊りや発表の練習に集まっているのだ。平日の姿から一転、華やかなドレスに身を包む日曜日のシンデレラたち。彼女たちは何を思い、栄冠を目指すのか。フィリピンで大きな社会問題となっているOFW(Overseas Filipino Worker=国外で働くフィリピン人労働者)たちの、たくましくも切ない思いを色鮮やかな映像で描く。

Director’s comment

Baby Ruth Villarama

The Philippines has an estimated 12 to 15 million OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers), or migrant workers deployed abroad working in different parts of the world, from cleaners to professional workers. They are key drivers in the Philippine economy, with their average annual contribution of over US$20 billion.
Yet, these modern-day heroes are vulnerable to dangers and threats like abusive employers, illegal recruiters, racial discrimination, getting trapped in war-torn countries, and the like. All that, on top of their personal struggles amplified by the pain of being away from their loved ones.
The film focuses on the lives of OFWs working as domestic workers in Hong Kong, one of the top three destinations of land-based Filipino migrant workers, and shows the hidden lives and journey of these women as they struggle to find independence and self-worth in very tight spaces.
I'm hoping that this film can highlight both the strength and weaknesses of workers in foreign lands and at the same time learn a lesson or two on migration, love, beauty, and its realities.

世界で働くフィリピンのOFW(Overseas Filipino Worker=国外で働くフィリピン人労働者)の数は、推定で1,200万人から1,500万人。清掃業から専門職まで様々な職種に就き、今や平均で年に200億ドルを生み出す、フィリピン経済の重要な原動力となっています。

  • Title / タイトル

    Sunday Cinderella

  • Production year / 制作年


  • Duration / 分数

    26 min.

  • Director / ディレクター

    Baby Ruth Villarama

  • Informaiton / その他情報

    Director: Baby Ruth Villarama
    Producers: Tetsuo Maki / Chuck Gutierrez
    Field Producer: Michael Wong
    Cinematographer: Dexter dela Peña, FSC
    Second Camera: Baby Ruth Villarama
    Editor: Chuck Gutierrez
    Sound: Albert Michael Idioma
    Music: Von de Guzman
    Color: Marilen Magsaysay

    ディレクター:Baby Ruth Villarama
    プロデューサー:牧 哲雄 / Chuck Gutierrez
    フィールドプロデューサー:Michael Wong
    撮影:Dexter dela Peña, FSC / Baby Ruth Villarama
    編集:Chuck Gutierrez
    音声:Albert Michael Idioma
    音楽:Von de Guzman
    カラリスト:Marilen Magsaysay

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