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Habib's Wheelchairs


25 min. Manufacture Miyazaki Pakistan
制作・著作/TNC  © Miyazaki Telecasting Co., Ltd.
This video is not available from Dec. 27, 2021. / 2021年12月27日をもって動画配信は終了いたしました。

Kobayashi in Miyazaki Prefecture is a small city that’s having a big impact on people’s lives. Here, Pakistan native Habib Ur Rahman is building a new multifunctional electric wheelchair that is much lighter than conventional models. The reclining seat can be raised and lowered, and the vehicle provides a stable ride over uneven terrain, so orders are coming in from all over the country.
Habib meets with people who need a wheelchair and pays careful attention to even their most detailed specifications. His customers can feel his dedication to his work in the wheelchair’s comfortable ride and the broadening of their horizons. Habib had this to say: "I want customers to use my wheelchair a lot, bumping around here and there.” Habib is passionate about his work but maintains a charming character, and his high-tech wheelchairs are bringing smiles to the faces of people all over Japan.


Director’s comment

Shinnosuke Murakami / 村上 辰之助 ディレクター

In a corner of Miyazaki Prefecture, a Pakistani man is making a super high-tech electric wheelchair that is finding customers all over the country. When I first heard about him, I was intrigued. And as I got to know more about Habib and his work, my interest only deepened.
Everyone who knows Habib basks in his warmth, which is reflected in the wonderful wheelchairs he builds. The customers I interviewed smiled when they spoke of him, and the circle of kindness continues to expand. Habib is also working to send used wheelchairs from Japan to developing countries around Asia. As a result of these activities, a large number of disabled people in Pakistan are feeling more positive about their lives and have become more active.
I would like to express my sincere respect to Habib for his hard work and dedication.


  • Title / タイトル

    Habib's Wheelchairs

  • Broadcaster / 放送局

    Miyazaki Telecasting Co., Ltd.

  • Production year / 制作年


  • Duration / 分数

    25 min.

  • Director / ディレクター

    Shinnosuke Murakami
    村上 辰之助

  • Informaiton / その他情報

    Theme Music: Mikio Ito
    Narrator: Tetsushi Yanagita
    Special thanks to: YAH!DO MIYAZAKI / ANEDA Co., Ltd. / AUTO SERVICE NISHI Co., Ltd.
    Camera: Tatsuya Ichiyanagi / Hirotsugu Terahara
    Assistant Camera: Kazuki Numaguchi / Kakeru Nakamura
    Title Design: Miki Kuroki
    Sound Engineer: Yoshikazu Nishimura
    Editor: Tatsuya Ichiyanagi
    Director: Shinnosuke Murakami
    Producers: Hiroki Mahara / Ken Unoki

    取材協力:YAH!DOみやざき / タネダ / オートサービス西
    撮影:一柳達也 / 寺原浩次
    撮影助手:沼口和樹 / 中村駆
    ディレクター:村上 辰之助
    プロデューサー:馬原弘樹 / 鵜木健

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