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Help Is On The Way


52 min. Women Overseas Workers Taiwan Indonesia
©2020 PT Dua Pulau Digital
This video is not available from Dec. 27, 2021. / 2021年12月27日をもって動画配信は終了いたしました。

"Help Is On The Way" portrays a busy training center in Indramayu, West Java, preparing women to work overseas. Every year, hundreds of women like Sukma, Meri, and Muji are recruited by local agents who are remunerated after successfully seeing their recruits enrolled. They are among the many women from rural areas aspiring to work abroad.
The film explores the lives of the various women that undertake the required training, following them from their village to the training center and in Taiwan. It depicts the role of the teachers and personnel at the center as well as current workers in Taiwan. It is at times an emotional journey, but also funny, enlightening and a little competitive, offering a unique insight into a lifestyle not often seen on screen.


Director’s comment

Ismail Fahmi Lubis

Women of varied ages look to work overseas. Often, they not only seek to support themselves, but also the needs of their families. While many choose freely to undertake this kind of work, many also do so through a sense of obligation. Basic needs are often what drives them to work overseas. The need to pay for children's education, pay back debt or to support their parents. Working abroad gives them the chance to earn more than they could by working at home. For some it’s also an adventure. I chose to tell this story to highlight the struggle that women face within Indonesia’s workforce and family situation. In countries like Indonesia, where options for the unskilled are few, they venture abroad. It’s their ticket to a perceived better life. But at what cost?


  • Title / タイトル

    Help Is On The Way

  • Production year / 制作年


  • Duration / 分数

    52 min.

  • Director / ディレクター

    Ismail Fahmi Lubis

  • Informaiton / その他情報

    Director: Ismail Fahmi Lubis
    Producers: Nick Calpakdjian & Mark Olsen
    Executive Producers: Amelia Hapsari & Wuan-Ling Guo
    Co-Producer: Yen-Ming Lai
    Cinematography: Ismail Fahmi Lubis
    Add. Cinematography: Aldrian
    Production Coordinators: Yournes Sari, Joe Tseng & Emily Wu
    Researchers: Muning Lai, Emily Wu & Sima Ting Kuan
    Editor: Nick Calpakdjian
    Composer: Arlo Picasso Enemark
    Sound Design: Hadrianus Eko
    Colorist: Aldrian

    ディレクター: Ismail Fahmi Lubis
    プロデューサー: Nick Calpakdjian & Mark Olsen
    エグゼクティブプロデューサー: Amelia Hapsari & Wuan-Ling Guo
    共同プロデューサー: Yen-Ming Lai
    撮影: Ismail Fahmi Lubis/Aldrian
    コーデュネーター: Yournes Sari, Joe Tseng & Emily Wu
    リサーチャー: Muning Lai, Emily Wu & Sima Ting Kuan
    編集: Nick Calpakdjian
    作曲: Arlo Picasso Enemark
    音声: Hadrianus Eko
    カラリスト: Aldrian

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