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Selected documentaries related to "multiculturalism" produced by Japanese broadcasters/Southeast Asian filmmakers.


My Election Campaign


50 min. Election Community Osaka Sri Lanka
製作著作 MBS © Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.
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In summer 2019, on a street in Osaka, a dark-skinned man was making a speech in fluent Kansai dialect. His name is Nishantha. Thirty-one years after he arrived in Japan from Sri Lanka, he decided to run for parliament. On a mission to shake hands with 100,000 voters, he made the rounds of all 72 of Osaka's municipalities and hit the streets from 6AM to 11PM every day during the campaign. But in Osaka, 12 candidates were competing for just 4 seats. With his party's approval ratings low, will Nishantha make it? We followed the battle of this foreign-born candidate to achieve his dream.


Director’s comment

Hiroshi Wada / 和田 浩ディレクター

"I really want to give back to Osaka and Japan." said Nishantha, a native of Sri Lanka, Kansai dialect. I first met him early one morning in front of a train station in Osaka City as he made his pitch to voters. A women approached him and asked, with no hint of offense in her voice, “Why is a black man running for office?” When I saw him answer with a smile, I realized the struggles foreign-born candidates face and the obstacles they have to overcome. Even so, Nishantha said he wanted to become a member of the Diet. I felt sympathetic and wanted to make a documentary about him as he made his appeal for "multicultural society," and tried to eliminate the widening disparities in Japanese society. I hope that this program will be a catalyst for people to think about Japan today.


  • Title / タイトル

    My Election Campaign

  • Broadcaster / 放送局

    Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

  • Production year / 制作年


  • Duration / 分数

    50 min.

  • Director / ディレクター

    Hiroshi Wada
    和田 浩

  • Informaiton / その他情報

    Narrator: Tomoko Tabata 
    Camera: Hiroshi Kawano
    Assistant Camera: Yuya Tomishi
    Editor: Hiroki Yamauchi
    Sound Engineer: Tokuro Tanaka
    Sound Effects: Kimihiko Sato
    Title Design: Misaki Kinoshita
    VTR Operator: Saburo Tsuyuguchi
    PR: Yuko Watanabe
    Director: Hiroshi Wada
    Producer: Masaharu Okuda

    ナレーション:田畑 智子
    撮影:河野 仙志
    助手:冨士 裕哉
    編集:山内 博貴
    録音:田中 徳朗
    音響効果:佐藤 公彦
    タイトル:木下 実咲
    VTR:露口 三郎
    宣伝:渡辺 優子
    ディレクター:和田 浩
    プロデューサー:奥田 雅治

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