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Rochman and Eldercare


47 min. Elderly Care Nagano Indonesia
制作著作 テレビ信州 © TV Shinshu Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
This video is not available from Dec. 27, 2021. / 2021年12月27日をもって動画配信は終了いたしました。

Rochman came to Japan in 2008 to become an eldercare worker under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Japan and Indonesia. In a foreign country with an unfamiliar language, culture, and religious beliefs, Rochman worked hard to learn Japanese, and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. In his fourth year in Japan, he passed the competitive national exam for caregivers and has been caring for the elderly since then. Meanwhile, the Japanese government has introduced a series of systems to allow even more people from overseas to work in this field.
Japan’s government estimates that, by 2025, there will be a shortage of about 320,000 eldercare workers. In a country where the birthrate is declining and the population is rapidly aging, Rochman found a business opportunity.

2008年、日本とインドネシア共和国との間で締結された経済連携協定=EPAに基づいて介護福祉士の候補生として日本にやってきたロフマンさん。ロフマンさんは、言葉や文化、宗教観が違う異国の地で、仕事をしながら日本語や介護の知識・技術を学んだ。来日から4年目には、日本人でも当時、合格率50パーセントの介護士国家試験に合格、ずっとお年寄りと向き合ってきた。その間、国は技能実習や特定技能と介護分野で外国人材を受け入れる制度を相次いで導入する。 団塊の世代800万人が75歳以上となる2025年度に約32万人の介護人材が不足する、と国は試算している。急速に進む日本の少子高齢化に高まる介護のニーズ。こうした売り手市場となっている日本の介護現場に、ロフマンさんはあるビジネスを見出した―。

Director’s comment

Kenichiro Kuwa / 久和 健一郎ディレクター

I first met Rochman in 2008, when he and 103 colleagues from Indonesia were the first eldercare workers that Japan officially accepted from overseas. At the time, Japan’s government regarded this as a special case. Officials remained reluctant to accept foreign workers in this field, believing that they could meet the need with people already living in Japan. But that attitude has changed. Some 28% of the population is over 65 years old, the highest percentage ever. Having witnessed the reality in Japan, Rochman decided to start an eldercare staffing business in his home country. Through his eyes, we came to see that our country will not be able to adequately support its elderly population. Countries that provide workers to Japan are also getting older. Can we continue to depend on young people like Rochman to care for our elderly?


  • Title / タイトル

    Rochman and Eldercare

  • Broadcaster / 放送局

    TV Shinshu Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

  • Production year / 制作年


  • Duration / 分数

    47 min.

  • Director / ディレクター

    Kenichiro Kuwa
    久和 健一郎

  • Informaiton / その他情報

    Narrator: Mami Koyama
    Title Design: Seiyo Hosono
    Camera: Masahiro Nomoto
    Assistant Editor: Tatsuya Nagai
    Sound Engineer: Shiori Osawa
    Director/Camera/Editor: Kenichiro Kuwa
    Producer: Shuichi Ito


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